Sunday, June 13, 2010

Soldering 101

I am offering a new class at Gallery 116 this summer!!!! I thought it would be fun to teach some basic stained glass techniques that allow you to make so many other different projects!!!!

In this class you will learn soldering basics, such as:

*glass cutting

*how to copper foil

*soldering with a soldering iron

You will leave this class with the basic knowledge of where to get the supplies needed for future projects, and the techniques to create beautiful artwork, such as:


*gift tags


*place cards/ party favors

**Each student will take home 3 ornaments!**

*Feel free to bring your own pictures, papers, and ideas, or use ours when you get here!

Class Dates:
June 21, 5-7 pm
July 6, 5-7 pm

Be sure to contact Gallery 116 to sign up for the class.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mixed Media class

Tuesday night was a relaxing evening of mixed media making at Gallery 116!!! I had such a great time with Libby and Linda! Both stepped outside their comfort zone and played with the materials at hand!
In addition to doing collages, Libby also writes tons of poetry. She came with this part of a poem that she had written. The words had stood out to her because they contrasted so much with the rest of the poem, and she was able to create the visuals that went with it!
Linda works with fiber arts, and as we sat and talked, the "weft and warp" appeared on her canvas!!! Normally being drawn to greens, she has recently chosen her sister's colors and purples blues have appeared in her work!
Thanks, ladies for a wonderful evening!

Check out Gallery 116 for the summer schedule of classes to come!