Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Smash book pages

Things have been super busy around here!!! Yes, life with a baby and a toddler is pretty fast paced, but we are having a great time! In between laundry, dishes, bottles, feedings, naps, MDO, and play time, I try to find a few moments here and there to do something fun and creative!

Especially after I printed my Instagram pictures, I've been having a great time sticking them in my Smash books!!! I'm up to 3 of those bad boys, now!  My red one is for me and just random stuff, the teal one is Livie's baby book, and the black one is Tuckers, which started out as a way to help him learn Scriptures, but I'm adding in his stuff, too!

I found this little quote on Pinterest, and knew it was the perfect first page for his book!

These next two pages are probably my favorites right now!!! They are in my red book, and they are just so fun and colorful!...very me, no?! :)

This next piece is  not in a Smash book, but rather a card that I made and sent as part of a Love Notes project that I did! I mailed this little gem to Heidi, who was my pen pal for 3 weeks :)  I hope she liked it!

And, I'll leave you with this picture! I walked into Hobby Lobby a while back and this beauty smacked me in the face on the way in!!!  I think someone had me in mind when they made this couch!  How cute are those chevron pillows, too?! 

My dad, who never seizes to amaze me in his ever growing knowledge of girl things (he has lived most of his life in a house full of girls. We were bound to make an impact on him at some point! :), said, "You'd have to have everything else in that room be very plain in order for that couch to work!"  LOL!!! SO true, Dad!  Good eye, good eye. :)

Well, it's 9:45, so way past my bed time these days!  I hope you enjoyed this little update! :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Recent Colors n Cups

I'm starting to jump back in to the swing of things now that Livie is over 2 months old!!! I have already done 3 Colors and Cups parties!  The first one was for my friend, Katie's little girl, Ava, who was turning 7!!!  We decided on a little owl painting for the girls to do, and they turned out just SO cute!!!

These little gals were absolutely perfect during our painting session!  They were so quiet, with the occasional be-bop to a Justin Beiber song playing in the background!  They were so attentive to instruction, and had a great time!!!

Miss Ava is quite the little artist, and her mom even displayed her own paintings that she had been working on at home!!!

Aren't these just the perfect little party favors?!!!

Last week I got to return to Elwood High School for 2 painting sessions with the teachers of the district!!! They voted on 2 paintings that they wanted to create, so on Tuesday we created the heart, and Wednesday we painting the Spring Trees!!!!

They turned out so beautifully!!!!

This year, I was given this super awesome contraption that projected my painting up on the screen while I painted.  It really helped with such a large group! I felt like I was fulfilling my dream of having my own art TV show ;)  ...You know I'd be so good at that! :D

Aren't those just such beautiful Happy Trees?! (Yes, we did talk about Bob Ross quite a bit during this class :)  Everyone did such a great job, and put such personal touches on their canvases!!! 

Email me if you are interested in booking a party this Spring!  You can check out all of the painting options HERE!