Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Bible, New Technique

My mom found these new little bibles recently called Noteworthy Bibles by Zondervan!  They are a little larger than pocket size, and my FAVORITE part is, get this, there is only text on the left side of the page, leaving the whole right side open!!!
I love creating in my other journaling bible, but I sometimes feel limited by the space that's given. I've really had fun working on a whole page!
So, as I was working in my notetakers bible today, I realized that I have done all of my painting WITH MY FINGERS!!! Ha! No brush, no credit card scraping, just my fingers...and I love it!!!
I think one of my favorite things about painting is the fact that I can spread and smear the paint with my hands if I want to, and there is just something so freeing about that!!!
I also haven't done a video of working in my new bible, but I will get right on that!!! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Illustrated Faith

This summer has been a great break for me to get a chance to work in my journaling bible!!! I love documenting the truths that the Lord has shown me through using the talents he has given me!!!

I've actually made videos (which if you follow my Facebook page, you've seen) of each of the pages shown here!!! I've been really excited to create, share and teach through this whole process! 

This spread is to remind me of the VBS that Brittney and I decided to do for the sweet little preschools from our weekly Story Corner!!! Ironically, as we were "letting our lights shine," it was pouring all 3 days!!! 😂 but, these moms and kids were faithful, and The Lord "reigned" through it all! ( see what I did there 😉)

This flap page is one of my favorites!!! The heart is made up of bits and pieces glued together, but when the velum lays over it, it's one beautiful piece-just how God sees us through the blood of Christ!

Aaaah, the passage of John 1:40- "I will make you fishers of me." Not only T-man's life verse, but SO much to absorb!!! I heard some amazing teaching on this passage from a husband and wife team last year at Bible Study. I was so furiously writing everything down because it was just so good!!! Now I'm having to add tabs into my bible just to get all of that meat in there!!! I totally love this journaling card, though!!!
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