Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Collaborative painting

The other day I made an extremely exciting $5 purchase at Hobby Lobby.  Using 2 40% off coupons, I bought Crayola watercolors (in the kid's section), and a square pad of watercolor paper (140 lbs. in the sketchbook section). 

Seriously $5 for a ton of fun...I mean, look at those COLORS!!! :D
I was super excited to try out these gorgeous pigments, but I was having a bit of a brain fart in the creative department...probably being pushed aside by the loads of laundry filling most areas of my living space :)...so I asked T to draw me some pictures on my new paper!!!

Of course, he was reluctant at first, "I don't know how!"  "No thank you."... and then I showered him with kisses and lovies and begged him, and he obliged...and I gave him gum :D

Anyways, before nap time, I was able to get 2 T-Man sketches.  To be quite honest, I really love the idea of collaborative art with the kids.  T and I painted a large canvas for our bedroom this weekend, and I just love it.  Seriously, toddlers create the most beautiful abstract art at this age!!!

So, after filling in some of his lines that didn't pick up well on the textured paper, I went to work with my new paints!!!
The Crayola's are so creamy and thick, but dry in VIBRANT, beautiful colors!!! 
Once the paintings were dry, I went back over with my thin black sharpie again, thickening some of the lines, and adding the dot details.  I think they may need a little more "doodling," but it's hard to do that when a 1 year old is literally pulling your shirt off while she's climbing all over you... #momproblems ;)  Anyways, she's next once I can get her to keep the pen on the paper and out of her mouth :D

And, just for fun, this was T's morning sketches on his chalk board.  See!  Beautiful abstracts!!!
Anyways, I really feel passionately about knowing how to paint with your kids.  This is SO SCARY for so many people- Trust me, I've talked to them.
I don't want it to be hard, or scary, so I plan on making a series of videos to prepare you and give you the tools you'll need to help your children make beautiful works of art!!!  So, stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014