Friday, September 30, 2011

flower pots

I really like to have a lot of color out front of the house, unfortunately, my thumb is not green.  It's actually usually a variety of colors, none of which help me grow anything!!!

So, I whipped up a few floral arrangements to hang out front.  Yes, they're fake (*gasp!)  I actually had a coworker come by and tell me one time that she always noticed when people hung fake flowers out front and how awful they always looked!  I tried not to take offense, and chalked it up to a personal "make it work" moment that filled my own satisfactions :)

So, I've been looking at the pots recently, thinking how "blah" they've become, and decided to give them a little make over :)
It's a bit hard to tell the difference here, but I sprayed the pot with my most fav color as of now, "Ocean Breeze."  It turned out beautiful!  It's just a very pretty color, and will hopefully add a little pop from the street!  I've got a table out there, too, which I just recently realized that I could improve as well!  The legs are a dark forest green (*blah), and I think I'm going to paint it yellow!  We'll see!  I'll let you know!  Have a great weekend!  T just woke up, so I must go! :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm not sure when or how it started, but I just love me a good (fake) moustache (pronounced "moo-stash")!!!  When I was teaching my 7th graders, I used to draw little swirly moustaches on their index finger, and take their pictures with it up under their nose!  Hilarious!

So I found these the other day at the Dollar Tree!  Big A asked me what I was going to do with them, and I'm really not sure!  But I do know, one should never be without a good moustache :)
I recently saw these pillow cases, and I'm determined to make a set of my own! (in my free time, of course ;)

And, let's just say, if you're at a loss for what to get me for Christmas, these will do :)
And, since one should never be without said Moustache, here is a printable just for you!!!  Imagine how suave you will look to your co workers when you dawn your mysteriouso mustachio!!! :)

Happy Thursday :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meet the laaadies

So, I just love the look of old cameos and silhouettes, and I couldn't help but make a few! Say hello to my little ladies!

Meet Loraine.  She is a calm, thoughtful girl.  She loves to read and is very observant.  She resides on an 11x14 canvas.

 This is her sister, Nellie.  Nellie is a carefree, whimsical spirit.  She loves life, sunshine, and having fun.  She resides on an 8x10 canvas.
There are 3 other ladies (so far) in this little group and I'm sure you're going to fall in love with them as much as you did these gals!!! :)

all done!

See! I'm still here!!!  I thought I'd share my last few shows!  Art in the Park was super fun and pretty successful!  I loved seeing good friends and new ones that I had met at the Freedom Festival!

 My booth was a little different, but I also had a few new items (like the notebooks shown below!  All covered in my artwork!)
 Since it was "Art" in the Park, I brought most of my paintings that I would have normally kept at home.  I sold a bunch of paintings, which was exciting for me!
Here are those custom notebooks!  Love them!  :)
 It was wonderful to see Barbie and Miles (above) again, and to get to see Jessica, Shawn and Grayson!!! 
 This last weekend was my last show of the year, which ended up being an epic fail :/  My parents were out of town, so it was just Big A, T and I to do the set up.  Well, it took quite a while getting the booth up with the wind, and a 13 month old.  About 5 minutes after A and T left, a huge gust of wind lifted my tent, and tipped over half of my display, ripping one of my oil paintings.
I ended up just packing up for the day after that :/  I'm fine with my decision because I knew that the wind would only continue to ruin more work as the day went on.  Sooooo, I'm just going to start building up for next year! :)

Got a few more projects I'll be working on, and hopefully be able to keep my blog updated!!!  LOL!  Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Don't worry, I'm still here! Just been a tad busy!  T is moving around like a mad man...not walking....just doing his "wounded solider army crawl."  The kids moves pretty quickly, and stealth-fully...minus his grunts as he pulls himself along! lol  Big A has been working SO hard at work plus his internship and his responsibilities as Class Sponsor that we are cherishing all the family time we can get right now!!!

I attended Fisher's Art in the Park this weekend, and it shaped up to be a wonderful day!  The cold morning was keeping the viewers away for a while, but as the sun came out, so did the people! I saw many friends, and made tons of new ones!!! Pictures are to come.

I will be attending Fisher's Oktoberfest this coming weekend, so Mom is coming over to get in some good T time tomorrow so I can create a whole new supply! one day :/  Don't worry, I'm a fast worker!

For those of you who don't live close by, if you see something on the blog, but can't find it on Etsy, but you want it, just email me!  I'm sure I'll give you a price you can't refuse ;)

Anyways, that's about all for right now!  Anyone have any questions for me?  Anything you want to know?!!!  Just let me know!  (I know how this is going to go...*crickets...*  Just like my classroom when I asked junior highers this same question! LOL!)

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hi, my name is Kelly, and I'm addicted to journals.  :/  It started as a child around the time when I watched Nickelodeon's Harriett the Spy.  Not that I wanted to be a spy, but she carried around this notebook, wrote in it all the time, and just made the whole thing look so cool!

So, over the years, I've seen gorgeous books, journals, and devotionals that I just "had to have," and then they get written in for a while, and then get layed to the side and are looked at for inspiration :)  I am working on this whole not finishing any thing.  And it's getting better.

So, let me introduce you to a few of my journals.  Last year, while shopping at Anthropologie with drool sliding down my face, I came across this book.  It was like the mixed media journals that I make, but with the quotes and writing prompts already inside!  My parents surprised me with it a few weeks later!!! :D  You'll be pleased to know that this book has gotten much use (as you can see by the tabs :)
Ahhh, now, this little gem.  You've seen it before.  I bought it in Chicago this summer, but wasn't completely pumped.  I loved the papers, but wasn't completely sure how I'd use it.  Turns out that while I was waiting for and obsessing over the Smash Journals to arrive, this little guy became my Smash Journal!  The pages are small enough that it's reasonable to work on in a short amount of time, and I've already filled 20 pages! :) wooo hooo!!!
Meet my smile journal.  I ran across this one time, and after searching all of the internet to find out where to buy it, I found it here! This site is adorable, and I bought some really neat Washi tape with it!  It's actually a planner with these adorable little Japanese Kawaii figures all over it!  It's so uplifting and makes me happy! :) ...I'm still working on using it :/...
And lastly, this treasure of a find from my good friend TJ Maxx.  While skimming the books and journals, this guy popped up!!! Unbelievable!!!  It reminds me of Keri Smith's books.  There are so many fun prompts, and the illustrations inside are great!  ...and only $3.99!!!
So, clearly, I have a little addiction.  I don't plan on breaking it any time soon!  The way I see it is as long as I use up what I buy, I'm good to go! 

What is your fun addiction?!