Sunday, September 26, 2010


So, 5 weeks after having a baby, I'm back in my sketchbook!!! Nap time proves to be a great amount of time to get some work done! Mom has been coming over to work as well, and we are really enjoying the process!

The picture above is the page I finished today! I LOVE this page! The colors are so vibrant, and it's just funky! I also like my fold out that I added. At the bottom right page there is a blue piece with numbers on it. When you open the flaps, it looks like this:

And this:
Here is a page I finished last week. The doodles were fun and stress relieving! Again, remember that the theme for my book is "It'll be fun, I swear!" And I am totally having fun with it!
Here are some works in progress. This is my first page that will eventually describe why I'm doing this book. It matches T's nursery! :D
And here is another! I love the calmness of this page. It will probably stay pretty simple, I will just add the journaling later.
As mom and I are working on our books, we've both been thinking about our strengths and weaknesses. It's quite amusing having the two of us sitting next to each other while we work because we're both approaching this project from 2 different angles, which is also the point, and also what makes it so amazing!!! We joked that if we had really been thinking about this, we should have done one book together- I would make the backgrounds, and she would do the writing! Then we'd both be playing to our strengths! :D