Thursday, May 24, 2012

Recent Customs

 I wanted to share some custom pieces that I've created recently for clients.  Some sweet friends of ours who we met in birthing class had twin boys a few months ago!  Their daughter was born about a month before T-man, and we were excited to celebrate their new additions!

These are 2x4 foot canvases, and I just love how they turned out!  My favorite part was that the names were entrusted to me before the boys were born! I was sworn to secrecy, and kept my lips sealed!

 This next mural was for a friend of a friend!  I fell in love with this nursery the moment I walked in!!! The beautiful lilac color was so calming and gorgeous!  Once again, since we were doing a monogram, I was entrusted with the name of this little one!!!  Now that she's here, I know sweet Nora must love her gorgeous room!

And, this is Winter's nursery!  Again, this was a friend of a friend, and her nursery totally fit this couple!!! I have gotten so many compliments on this adorable little tree, and the coordinating pink furniture!!! 

I had to hold on to a lot of these photos until the babies were born, but now that they're all here, I wanted to share!!!  Hope you enjoy!

Things that make me happy today :)