Friday, February 28, 2014

Elwood Colors n Cups- Night 2!

Last night was the second painting evening for the wonderful teachers of Elwood Community Schools!  We had several ladies from Tuesday's class come back and paint with me on Thursday!!!

The painting that they chose was the Fall Trees.  I think all of us were drooling over the gorgeous teal and orangy/yellow!

I love the quietness that falls over the group as they are focusing on their paintings...

...and the excited chatter at the end as they are all gushing over each other's work!!!  Great job, ladies!!! I had a blast, and can't wait to paint with you next year!!!
Thank you! :D

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Elwood Colors and Cups!

For the 3rd year in a row, Elwood Community Schools has invited me to do a Colors n Cups party with their teachers!!!

Last night we painted Dandelions together, and had a blast!!! All of the paintings were gorgeous!!!
Even from painting the background, each painting became unique.  I love to see that :)

Deb Durm is the one who coordinates all of this each year, and does such a fantastic job!!! 
Last night, she even created a poem to go with her painting!!!

The Dandelion

White sweet nothings, 
Float above the grass, 
Propelled by the wind,
Or better still the sweet puff
Of a child's breath,
Fist crushing the green stem,
Eyes closed in concentration,
Doing his part to complete,
The cycle of the green.

-Deb Durm

So beautiful!  Deb is on the front row, third in from the right! 
Thank you, ladies!  See you again on Thursday! :D