Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bookcase Upcycle

We moved!!! ...Physical homes, not blog spaces :)  Anyways, we bought this amazing house in a wonderful neighborhood, and we are just in love with putting everything together!!!  One of the coolest spots in the house is my studio!!!  A fourth bedroom was on our list of priorities while house hunting so that I could have a studio space, and this house did one better!

Off of the forth bedroom is a doorway that leads into a completely separate room!!!  It is a bit hidden, and everyone who has visited "oooooohs and ahhhhhhs" over this space!

The room is over the garage,  has vaulting ceilings, and this little gem:
Pretty bad, huh?!  My thoughts exactly!!!  Although I was pumped with the built in and the opportunity for a makeover, I continued to shudder at the color choice every time I entered the room!!!

As soon as I saw it, though, a Pinterest inspiration immediately jumped into my mind and has powered my transformation since!

Isn't she a beauty?!  The coral color was calling my name, and it took many coats of primer and paint to cover up that blue, but it was definitely worth it!!!

I really liked the clean color of the coral and white,
But I HAD to add the black!!!!  Up close, it looks very "animal print-ish," if that makes sense :)

So, there you have it!!! Transformed from fugly to fabulous!!! :)  I hope this inspires you to transform something in your own home!!!