Thursday, June 26, 2014


As we are springing into summer, my mind is exploding with creativity, and my hands can barely keep up!!!  So, in between trips to the pool, library, and friend's houses, I've been wearing out my studio!  It hasn't seen so much of me in a long time!!!

For starters, T-Man and I played around with watercolors in a new way!  He had so much fun blowing through the straw and watching the colors spray everywhere!
I have been experimenting/obsession ;) with texture up in the studio!  I love to not only see the vibrant colors of the paint, but I love that these pieces make you want to TOUCH them!!!  Oh, how I love the rough edges, but the softness of the drips and dribbles!!!

My palette has practically become a creation of it's own!  Look at those gorgeous colors!!!
Then, all of a sudden, my brain switched to sewing!  I've recently bought an embarrassing amount of patterns, and I've been dying to use up some of my delicious
Livie gets (another) new dress!!! :D  It's not quite done, but I'll save the buttons and bow for tomorrow :)
I am just soaking up this feeling of creativity, creation, and am feeling very blessed with the talents that the Lord has placed in my hands!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Fairy Princess

I guess I've been a bit busy since my last post! LOL!!! After mailing out all of my post cards from the Swap, I received 10 gorgeous post cards in return! Oh, how fun it was to actually receive FUN mail every day!!! It was so exciting to WANT to go get the mail! :)

Ok, onto my tiny princess!!!
My niece, Story, just celebrated her 2nd birthday with a Princess and Knights party!  I had been dying to pop open one of the new patterns that I just got at Hobby Lobby's $1 sale, and one of them was a Disney Fairy dress!

Oh, how I envisioned #dollbaby in a fluffy pink dress...made by me! know, something like this:

EEEEEEEEKKKK! I still can hardly believe that I actually made this thing! The bodice was made with pink satins and a lining, with some trim on the front.  The petals were made from organza...the hardest material EVER to sew!...I think...I really haven't tried ALL the fabrics, but you know, when you can't sew a straight line on a fabric, it can be dumped in the "hard to sew" pile :)  Anyways, finally, the lower skirt was made with 6 yards of tulle and a lining to keep it soft on her legs.

I love the length on it, which keeps her from tripping, and I added velcro in the back to make it easier for me to get her in and out of it.
Well, it was exactly as I imagined it!  She was a beautiful fairy princess!!!!
I love you, baby girl! :D