Colors n Cups

Colors n Cups is an at home painting party! Hostesses invite friends into their home for some snacks, drinks, and an over all good time!!!! Party-goers will receive step-by-step instruction from a talented artist with her Master's in Art Education (yes, that's ME!), personal instruction and assistance, and a 16x20 painting to take home at the end of the evening!!!

* $35 per person (canvas, brushes, paint, and all other supplies included, just show up!!!)
*A minimum of 5 party-goers (including the hostess)
*The hostess receives $5 off her party price per person attending (if you have 7 party-goers in attendance, your painting is FREE!!!!! )
*Attendees must confirm with the hostess 5 days BEFORE painting night

Please email me at if you live in the Indianapolis area and are interested in hosting a party! (Hostesses receive HUGE discounts!)

You can create one of these beautiful paintings! :

Nest with Eggs: 
Fall Flowers:
 Hot Air Balloons:
 Fleur dis lis (Can also be make with a cross):
 Fall Trees:
Whimsical Owl:
Cherry Blossoms:

Have a blast with your family and friends while creating a painting you'll always remember!

Bring the painting fun to YOUR house next!!!