Thursday, May 1, 2014

Post Card Swap

I joined iHanna's Post Card Swap with my mom as a fun way to make some art, and get some really cool mail! :)
You may remember that I began these cards back at her last swap.  I was whipped these suckers out with a strong creative flow, and then realized that I had missed the sign up deadline! LOL!!!
So, "Kel!" :)
So, anyways, Mom and I were ready this time when the project opened back up!!! I made 10 postcards, and sent 7 of them across the country, and 3 to Australia, Canada, and the UK!!! 
I absolutely loved the stitching that I did on the cards, and couldn't bare to cover it up on the back side because it looked so cool...but also made it SUPER hard to write on them!!! So, if you receive on of my cards, don't think I'm weird, just realize it's part of the art :D
A few of the ladies who I mailed cards to ALSO share my love for Washi tapes!  So, it seemed an appropriate decoration for the cards!  I ended up putting them in envelopes because I was afraid that the thread might cause the paper to be destroyed as it went through the system!
I will be sure to post pictures of the cards I receive! I just can't wait to get that beautiful mail!!!