Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Printing Instagram Photos

I recently ran across this amazing tutorial during my Pinterest browsings that totally caught my eye!!! It said, "How to Print Instagram (or Square Photos) at Any Retail Photo Center" So, I traveled over to Ashley's page at Lil Blue Boo and read her amazing tutorial!!!

Instead of trying to create my own tutorial, I am just going to send you to her page!!! She has given such simple and clear instructions!!!

I will mention one thing, though.  When I uploaded my Instagram photos, none of the pixel sizes matched her charts.  They were either too big, or not listed.  So, being the complete math dummy that I am, I spent part of the afternoon trying to figure out in my mind how to adjust the math to get the correct pixels...

Then I had an "Ah, ha!" moment!!!!  DUH!!!

I first had to adjust the image size- so instead of using pixels, I used INCHES!!!!  (duh, right?!)

I changed the image size to 4x4 inches (since I would be printing a 4x6 picture), and the canvas size to 4x6.

Eureka!!! Problem solved!!!!   

I then proceeded to upload 77 photos!!! ...I had a little problem uploading to the site, so it repeated about 17 photos, so I was really at more like 60 :) ...that's better, right?!
I chose to use Wal*Mart because I have recently had some problems uploading to Sam's, which would have been cheaper.  But I think these would print almost anywhere!!!!
I was in heaven last night going through all of my printed out pictures, and immediately went to work!!!  Since I had received an amazing card from Mom yesterday, written to me on her brand new typewriter, I had to get it in my book!!!  I had so much fun!!!!

I hope you enjoy printing!!!  The only down side, is that I don't know how to do this if you don't have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements :/  But, I hope this helps!!!!