Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Notebook Upcycle DIY

I must start by saying that this project was 100% inspired by my Mom!!!  A few weeks ago, in preparation for the beginning of Bible Study, Mom adorned the edge of each paper in her notebook with her gorgeous washi tapes!!!  The colors, the textures, the beauty...oh my!  I was in love :)  Kendall and I then had a girl night in which we shamelessly copied this idea on our own notebook.  Moment of truth: I stopped after about 30 pages, but mostly because we were watching Pitch Perfect :D

Today was our second week of Bible Study.  We are studying the book of Romans, and let me just tell ya, that is a good book! 

Since I had not finished the washi tape on my other notebook, I had decided to add it to my pages each week as a sort of book mark for the study.  I could hardly wait to get home to add my washi tapes when the idea hit me!  I could actually alter the cover!!!  *Now, this is where my Mom Brain is especially evident.  In previous years, this idea would have been at the forefront of my brain.  Now a days, I have to be reminded of seemingly routine and mundane tasks.  Kids.... ;)

Anyways, I set off to grab just a few colors and patterns that sparked my interest, and then set to work adding them to the cover!

This next picture is about half way through my process.  I will usually lay out some pieces and take a picture to see if I like it.  That way, if I move things around, I can at least remember where they were at one point ;)

And, Viola!  Complete!  I think I like it...for now :)  I'm sure as I stare at it through out the year, there will be some changes made, but that's one of the perks of mixed media!!!!

And, here is the washi tape on the pages inside!

This can be done on any surface!  Imagine how you can beautify all of your work materials now!!!  I know, I know, stop reading, and go make things beautiful!!!! :D