Friday, September 30, 2011

flower pots

I really like to have a lot of color out front of the house, unfortunately, my thumb is not green.  It's actually usually a variety of colors, none of which help me grow anything!!!

So, I whipped up a few floral arrangements to hang out front.  Yes, they're fake (*gasp!)  I actually had a coworker come by and tell me one time that she always noticed when people hung fake flowers out front and how awful they always looked!  I tried not to take offense, and chalked it up to a personal "make it work" moment that filled my own satisfactions :)

So, I've been looking at the pots recently, thinking how "blah" they've become, and decided to give them a little make over :)
It's a bit hard to tell the difference here, but I sprayed the pot with my most fav color as of now, "Ocean Breeze."  It turned out beautiful!  It's just a very pretty color, and will hopefully add a little pop from the street!  I've got a table out there, too, which I just recently realized that I could improve as well!  The legs are a dark forest green (*blah), and I think I'm going to paint it yellow!  We'll see!  I'll let you know!  Have a great weekend!  T just woke up, so I must go! :)

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