Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Junk Doodle

I was reading over at Doodlers Anonymous about how hard it can be to just start working. I have often times been so intimidated by a sketchbook, with it's big blank pages, and I am afraid to put anything on it!!! The site suggested to do a junk doodle. Instead of working on my sketchbook, I found a random space to work that didn't seem so overwhelming.

The point is to feel free to work on something that doesn't seem so permanent. So, since the kids are doing paper mache right now, I had a lot of excess on hand!

I've always struggled with drawing people, so I thought I'd do some experimentation on a less permanent surface!!!
The newspaper actually make a cool background, I think.
I love my ponytail girl :) she's not at all finished, but really still look'n good ;)
I call this next one Darla. :) I don't know why, and she doesn't have arms or legs yet. She will...still working
Sooooo, I challenge you to work on an unconventional space! JUST CREATE!! Remember, the goal is not to have a goal! Just start somewhere! PLAY!!! Please email me your results! I'd love to share them with everyone else!!!

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  1. You are so talented - I love the newspaper background. And your blog is super cute!