Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gallery 116 class

Tonight was another fabulous mixed media class at Gallery 116. Marley, Julie, Sherry, and Lori enjoyed a relaxing night away from work, kids, husbands, and school! They left with some awesome artwork, too! Take a look!!!

***Contact me through email if you are interested hosting a home mixed media party for your and your friends!!! It will be a night of food, fun, and creation!!! Each guest will leave with their own unique artwork on an 8x10 canvas!


  1. I just love your artwork. You truly have a gift. I wish I lived close enough to take your class--even though I'm not a great artist. It still looks super fun!

  2. What a blast! I have recently worked with mixed media. Your party is inspiring me to get busy on another mixed media project.

  3. Oh my word.. I LOVE that stool in the last post.. how much do you charge for those?! so adorable!!!

  4. Oh my word.. I should have totally added a whole category for baskets! I. LOVE. BASKETS! haha... so I'm right there with ya on that!

    Thanks for the information... I love the step stool for sure! I'll have to keep that in mind for gifts!!