Monday, March 28, 2011


I have recently been working on a new project! Silhouettes are very big right now, and I have had a blast getting to play around with the traditional craft.

I thought I would vamp things up to modernize it a bit, and came up with these adorable canvases!

Right now, these sweet little gifts are the only item in my Etsy Shop, which is also why I haven't advertised my shop yet. It's a little too empty to be broadcasting it, but I couldn't hold this item from you any longer!!!
Now, don't think that these treasures are only for your little girls. I'd don't have an example up right now, but little boys and even DOGS look adorable captured on these canvases!

You would be ordering a fabric covered canvas, with the fabric of your choice, with the silhouette of your child(ren), or pet created in artist acrylics. They look adorable in any child's room, and will capture this moment in time!!!

Please head over to my Etsy Shop and check them out!!!

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  1. I saw these on the Pottery Barn Website..too cute!! I'll have to check out the dog ones!