Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tape it up!

Yesterday, T Man brought home a goodie bag from one of the girls in his MDO class for her birthday. Among the normal party favors was this tiny roll of tape! Upon closer inspection, it had little girls on it!!!!

I immediately emailed her mom to find out where she had found such a treasure!!! Turns out, her mom shares a love for craft tape, too, and said she had found it at Meijer!

Obviously, I had to go there. :) T and I headed over to explore after bible study, and while searching for the small 6 pack, I found this!
 Can you believe it?! 30 of these adorable rolls, 9 ft each!!!

Among my favorites are the houndstooth, Japanese dolls, and the zebra print!!! This big box was a MUCH better deal than the six pack, so I got this and will be sharing with mom. :)

Be sure to check them out! They are SO cute!!!


  1. I made a little photo backdrop using a sheet and some hand made snowflakes!frames

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