Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Wrapping Paper DIY

I have always loved the plethora of options for beautiful wrapping paper at Christmas time!  I love choosing a color theme to use on my gifts, and love wrapping each one with anticipation of the joy that the recipient will feel when they unwrap it!  I actually bought a roll of double sided paper at Sam's 5 years ago when we first got married, and I STILL have it!!!

This year, after a few pinterest pins, I planned on keeping things simple.  I was going to use up some old yarn, and try a plain look...which I did...until I had an idea!!!!

My brown packages looked a little bare, so I thought I'd recruit a certain 2 year old to help me with my task!
So, here's what you'll need:
1. Brown packaging paper- I got mine at the Dollar Tree, which I totally love!
2. Paint- you can use craft paint, or I used Crayola washable since T Man was the one painting
3. Bright yarn or ribbon
4. Stickers
5. Gift tags
Once the package was wrapped, I let T go to town with the paint.  Since red and green are complimentary colors (meaning they are opposite on the color wheel...meaning if you mix them, they make brown :/ yuck), I had him start with green and white.

Immediately after the green and white paint (because he's 2 and has a short attention span :), he got to choose stickers and apply to the box.  We talked about who the gift was for, and what sticker he would like to put on their package.  This was his favorite part.  He LOVES stickers, and remembers who he picked them for!!!
Once the green and white paint was dry, we added pink and red.  He really likes using 2 colors at a time, and it really brightened the boxes!!!
When they were all finished, I added the yarn and the gift tag.  I love the adorable little tags that I found at Hobby Lobby!!! 
Having T help me with the wrapping has made each gift even more special.  I also love seeing his excitement over the finished package!!!  He showed Daddy his package with great joy when he got home from work, and Andy was pretty thrilled, too :D


  1. Kel, I LOVE this project! The results are awesome, but it is the involment of T-man with you and teaching him not only to be creative and to participate but to do something for others that will bring them pleasure and a true gift of himself. Great mothering! plus pretty wrapping papaer! oxoxoxo

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