Monday, November 4, 2013

Thankful Tree 2013

Happy November!  Oh, how I love this time of year!!!  Since we've moved into our new house, my joy for the gorgeous fall leaves has multiplied, as our home is nestled right in among them!!!  It is a GORGEOUS site as we look out every window of our house!

Along with November comes our Thankful Tree!!! I have been anxiously awaiting November 1st to start this project with T-Man, especially since he's now 3 and will be able to understand this concept a bit more than last year!  Thankfulness, however, is still a difficult concept to explain!

Alright, onto our Thankful Tree!  If you'd like to create your own tree, here's what you'll need!
*Brown butcher paper-I got mine at the Dollar Tree!
*Leaves- I also bought mine from the Dollar Tree, but if your kids are older, they might enjoy cutting their own out of construction paper!
*Brown paint-I used washable paint since he was painting on our new floors :)
*Masking or Painters tape

First, I taped the paper down onto the floor.  Next, I drew a tree with a marker so he could see the lines.  *Remember! You don't have to be an artist to do this!  NO two trees are alike, and they are all beautiful, so have fun with your branches!!!! :D

Next, I let T-Man paint the tree!  He kept painting outside the lines, which normally I'm a huge fan of, but this time, we were going to cut out the tree, so he needed to paint inside the lines! lol!
He got the hang of it!  Encourage your kids to move around the paper as they paint so that they can reach all parts of the tree.
Not a bad looking tree!!!  After he went to bed last night, I cut the tree out, and used masking tape to adhere it to the playroom wall. 

This morning, he was SO excited to see his tree, that already had 2 leaves hung that he had made at school!  We, then, read this book, which talked about Thanksgiving day!
I tried to explain in further detail about what being thankful meant.  We talked about how we are thankful for the people and things that we really really loved.  I had him tell me what some of those things were, and we wrote them on his leaves!  We did 3, since we missed the first two days of the month, and we will do one a day for the rest of November!
I just love the things that he said he was thankful for! lol!!!!  And, he was so excited to put his leaves up on the tree! I can't wait to watch it grow and become so bright and colorful with all of the blessings that the Lord has given us! :D
If you make a Thankful Tree, please share a link in the comments below! I would love to see it! :D

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  1. You have been busy bees~ Love the fall book about giving thanks! T-man did an awesome job at painting and the end result is awesome! Great tradition you are starting and also sharing! Love it! Love you! oxoxox