Sunday, September 27, 2009

Here are a few things I've been working on. This first one is the example for my Gallery 116 class! I'm pretty excited, though, because I think the next class we will be making the journal!!!
This is my "Favorite Things" assignment that the 8th grade teacher gave. I did it for fun :) I listed all of my favorite things, some of which included Big A, fall, chocolate, the smell of bon fire, Ugg boots, and leg warmers :) Obviously, I went with candy! It's not quite finished, there will be legs on my little Lemon Drop guy with the snow cone head up in the corner!
This was just another fun one. The picture is weird, and it's kind of hard to see, but it was just a crazy page!
This is what's going on in my sketchbook right now. I'll keep you posted! In other news, I found this awesome Fabric Art book at Goodwill this weekend! It was copyrighted in 1969, and it's awesome!


  1. I'm reading:) And checking out your goodies!! How fun. Elizabeth J

  2. you do know that casey is a nut job, right?! i real nut job....i was so happy that he sent me your link. so i am just going to put this out there, i would love to meet for lunch something and talk studio. let me know if you are up for that. i don't have much of a network here and would love to find more artists to bounce ideas off, chat about art, etc. and i have see the gallery before while in fishers. do you teach alot of classes there?

    just email me sometime if youwant to meet up.


  3. I love the header/business cards! Those are so cute! I had a really hard time trying to decided if you drew the pic of your glasses, or if it was a photo! ;) GREAT JOB!

  4. NICE! I really enjoyed the fun page with cookies and candies!