Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sketchbook Pages and such

Whew! Things have been crazy! I will definitely try to to update a little more frequently with my projects! Big A and I had a busy weekend last week, and I spent most of the week trying to recover!

The mixed media class at Gallery 116 this week was amazing! We had so much fun working, talking, and hanging out! We even decided that we should do an ornament class in December for the holidays! They've got a new blog up and going as well, so go take a look here.

Here's a few sketchbook pages that I worked on at school with the kids.
This is The Old Man and the Strawberry! The Alfred Einstein face is on the back of a silver strawberry. I covered both of the strawberries with braille paper from school, so they even feel like strawberries!
I've also been working on a few scarves. This is a weird picture, but I really like the jewel tones! They're very in right now, and I can't get enough.
And, here's another name painting. I LOVE this one! The giraffe pattern matches her bedding :)
Big A made 2 stools yesterday while I was at my sister's wedding shower. They are super cute, and I'm painting them for the clients this week.
Well, my Etsy is almost ready. I'm not sending you there yet because I only have 1 thing posted :) Hopefully soon though!

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  1. Kel, you are TOO COOL. Wanted to let you know... we went with the "art teacher's" suggestions and did pinks and blues on the girls, and I pulled in a pink scarf. Michael wore blue and white... I think it all looked good together! We'll see!