Tuesday, November 3, 2009

splatter paint!!!

I teach 7th and 8th graders. I never thought that I would, it just happened that way, but these little people are far more entertaining than I ever could have imagined! They just make me laugh! (Yes, sometimes they make me want to go home early, but I think that happens with any job :).

I was approached by a student a few weeks ago asking if I would participate in the "What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar" segment that they were doing on their CTV show. I said yes, and I agreed to being splatter painted after school.

Now, when I agreed to this, my idea of splatter paint was the "confetti" version that I use in class. It is a very mild version of splatter paint.

That is not what went down.

We recorded our begining segment of the show, I changed and we headed outside. On the count of three, they splattered.




And this is what happened!!! They had a BLAST!!!! I finally had to yell, "OK, we're done!" And as I'm talking, paint is entering my mouth :p

Here are the crazy kids who did it!!! These are also the same kids who helped me get my paint soaked clothes into trash bags, cleaned up the mess, and even helped me into my car, putting trash bags down first so I didn't ruin the seats!!! I teach fabulous kids.

In other news, here is some of what I accomplished over fall break. You can see a current project in the background :)
My friend Rhonda asked me to make a name painting for her adorable 3 year old daughter. Big A and I LOVE Ashlyn, and love talking and playing with her at church. She is extremely articulate, and just super cute!!!
Ashlyn was very pleased with her painting, and when asked what it said, she replied, "I love Shelb." (who is her older sister!)
Tonight I'm teaching another class at Gallery 116. I might have to go down to just 1 class per month because class sizes have been so small, so if you're close, PLEASE come to the class!!!!


  1. You are a great sport. Love it! oxxo


  2. I LOVE Ashlyn's painting!!! Sooo girly and pretty! Also, I LOVE LOVE what you are working on and presently finishing in the background!!!! You are a great artist!!! Love you, Love, mom oxoxoxoxo