Thursday, February 24, 2011

aaahhhh, leather :)

Before Christmas this year, my mom told me about a gift that she had gotten for me that she was SO excited for me to open! I LOVE getting gifts, and never want the surprise to be ruined. So, I waited anxiously for Christmas day, and would try to guess which gift was "the special one" while I was at her house.

Christmas morning came, and I finally unwrapped the "special" wrapping, which exposed this gorgeous pouch.
After unwrapping the leather wraps and opening the pouch, this gorgeous leather journal was exposed:
Ahhh, breath in. Can you just imagine the smell of this genuine leather book?! It's magical. :) I smell it each time I open it. My Mom had found this this journal and had it hand stamped with "Kel" for her Kel :) The journal that's inside can be replaced, so I will be able to refill and reuse this gorgeous piece!!!

Since I just finished my Sketchbook Project, I have not had a chance to begin my leather journal. Without a theme to guide me, I have been pondering what my use for this book would be. I'm not entirely there yet, but I did have an idea for the inside pages.
So, T-Man and I headed over The Resort for a fun day with Mops and Pops. So, while he slept, Mom and I worked on our journals!
I didn't fully complete each spread, but I will be adding a splash of color to each page. Again, I'm not sure what my use will be , but I really like the pages so far!!!
Let me know if you have any suggestions for the theme of this journal or how I should use it! It's about a 4x6 journal, so it fits nicely in my diaper bag and I can take it on the go!


  1. I love this! I love to write in journals. It would be fun to have that reusable cover! It's so pretty. I also love the pouch. It's beautiful.

    I have a journal that I got from barnes and noble many years ago. It smells so good. I used it for poems I wrote back in college, but now I don't really write them any more. It's kind of empty now...

  2. Oh...and I was going to say I really like your haircut and color. Super cute!