Sunday, February 20, 2011

old school

Last May, Big A and I traveled to Louisiana for our baby shower for T-Man. The very first gift I opened was from his Aunt Susan, and it brought tears to the WHOLE room!

Big A's mom passed away from breast cancer when he was 15, so I never got to meet her. I wish I had, though, because besides being an extremely godly woman with such joy for life, she was extremely thrifty and crafty! She made costumes, clothes, projects...for her 3 boys, and I think that's why A appreciates my artsty side so much.

Anyways, the gift that I opened was this gorgeous cross stitch.
At the time, all of the pictures were complete, but there were empty boxes for the baby's information. The neatest thing is that she had already put her initials and they year, 1981- the year Big A was born!!! Aunt Susan wasn't sure who she was making this for, or why she never finished, but non-the-less, it was a beautiful piece of work that was later finished with Tucker's stat's. It's now hanging in his nursery, with 2 other cross stitches made by my mom and grandmother, and I am I thrilled by the legacy of art and love brought from both sides of our families!!!

I learned to cross stitch in 2nd grade, but have not kept up the craft since then :/ Do you have any skills that you would like to learn or have learned but don't have the time to complete?!

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  1. aw, I love things like that. How lovely! And I like the way art brings things and people together. I have many art-likes and that was the reason i went back to study/practice art because I was worried I would leave them all behind and not do any of them. Now, I don't know which one to do first! :)

    Happy making and thanks for stopping by.