Wednesday, January 30, 2013


One of my Christmas presents this year from Big A was a very generous gift card to Anthropologie, which I used mostly on gorgeous new juice glasses and bowls.  However, with their after Christmas sale, many of their glorious goodies were marked very low, so I was able to treat myself!!!

I had seen these little kits during my many wanderings through their store before, but now I had a purpose for it!!!  I purchased a bright pink bird cage for Livie's nursery almost immediately after finding out she was a girl, but had yet to find a bird to make it a home.

Enter Donna Wilson and her Magpies!
These little kits come with everything you need to make your own little bird, and I actually think they're intended for children...perfect :)  I picked the box with the most pink in it!
I had a pretty good time stuffing it, and playing around with the scraps that came with it to make it as "me" as possible, which is the beauty of the kit!  There are no rules!!!!

So, I added pink to the orange side...
...and a ton of pink to the black side!!! 
She's just about done.  I still need to add her legs and tail, and she'll be good to go!!! Hopefully she'll be in her cage for the nursery photos!
Check out Donna's site! She's got just adorable products, and even a blog showing all of the Magpies and Monsters that people have created!

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