Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Painting with a Toddler- Part 2

If you are just arriving, be sure to check out Part 1 to get the full scoop! :)
For our background, we used analogous colors, or colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.  Since our background was in pinks and reds, we had to wait for it to completely dry before we could add any blue or green.

*Since blue and green are opposite of red on the color wheel, if we had mixed them while they were wet, they would have created a very brown, muddy, yucky mess...Gross!  So, let things dry to keep your vibrant colors!!!  Plus, this will accommodate your child's short attention span :)

Like I said, we used some light blue and green for the leaves.  He also used a much smaller brush to keep these colors to a minimum. Since we are layering, each layer will use less and less paint, and this is easier if you give them a smaller brush.

 I first gave T just the blue...and it got a bit out of control pretty quick...I blame myself...I was trying to take pictures!!! :/  I told you, you've got to be ready or they'll run away with the project!!!

You can see in the next picture that once the green was added, he was really going to town...again with the pictures!!!  Sheesh!

However, our last step was to add tiny little yellow dots with our very smallest brush, and this went much better.  Remember to help your kiddo by turning the canvas so they're not just painting in the same area.

*It's OK to suggest other spots for them to add paint to, and it will also help them achieve a more balanced composition.

And, this was our end result.  Like I said, the blue and green got a little more out of hand than I would have hoped for, so when this layer dries, I may have him go back and add a little more of the pink/red on top, since we lost a lot of that gorgeous mixing!!! :)
I hope this was helpful, and that you'll take some time to paint with your toddler!!! You'd be surprised what they can do, and how gorgeous their artwork is!!! ...You may even have some masterpieces to hang in your home!!!

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