Monday, December 16, 2013

It all started with a bow...

Christmas dresses.
For 3 precious girls.

Like I said, it all started with a bow.  Oh, but such a glorious bow!!! Do you see it below?! Of course you do!!! That's sort of the point, I guess!!!  When I found this at a friend's garage sale, I knew it had to be Liv's. I also knew it would need a dress.
So, there the bow sat in my studio for weeks.  I would occasionally pick through my vintage fabric and lay a few swatches next to it until my creativity and motivation was sparked! :D

The red and white candy cane striped fabric was sort of a given for me, and pairing it with that bright Christmas green...oh, be still my heart!!!

Slowly it began coming together in my mind.  A Bubble dress.  Yes,  bubble dress for my Livie Lu. Oh, how precious this was going to be! So, off to my sewing machine I went!!!!
Zip, slide with my rotary cutter!  Swoooosh with my sewing machine!!! Pin, pin that adorable little ruffle!!! It was just about done...

"Ring, Ring!"  What?!  Miss Story needed a Christmas dress, too?!  Truth be told, I will never be able to tell her No.  (Don't tell her that, though ;)  So, plans of a second dress flooded my mind!

"Ring, Ring!"  Does Ainsley need a Christmas dress, too?!  Oh, 3 tiny cousins in matching dresses?!?!  How can so much cuteness be so close?!!!!
See?! I do not lie!!!  Seriously!!!  These girls are doll babies.  DOLL BABIES, I tell you!!!  Ainsley, in her tiny little mouse voice, thanked me so preciously for her new dress.  Story looked like she had come straight out of The Sound of Music, and Livie, well, no one noticed her dress over her bow ;) atehehehe

I had so much fun making these adorable little frocks for my little ladies, all of whom I want to steal from their Mommies and keep at my house :D, and I love the memory of going to see Santa with them all dolled up together!!!!

Story was so thrilled for a little sucker treat, and you can see part of her apron on the front of her dress in this picture.

Below is a pic of Ains in Bible Study.  As I came down from dropping off T-Man, I saw her quietly sitting in a rocking chair reading a book and looking as sweet as can be!!!
Thank you to my sisters who let me dress up their "baby dolls!" I know that the dresses were not perfect, did I mention that I made these about 2 days before we needed them?! lol!!!!  However, I would never let your confidence in sewing deter you from attempting something new!!!

I did not use a pattern on any of these dresses.  I laid one of Liv's shirts out to measure size, and then just did my own thing from there!!!  It doesn't have to be perfect, just have fun! :D


  1. Kelly, I love this post! It just takes a simple object to spark the flame of creativity! I adore the fact that you bought the bow, knowing that it would develop into a future outfit for Livie...but just let it set and brew....periodically checking the goods of supplies....buttons and such. In a way...the 3 girlies look like the softies from the fall! Maybe that is where the sprinkle of a future dress was born. I must say...I thought you were a bit cray cray when you agreed to spontaneously do dresses for all 3 of the girls...but your perseverance was a blessing for our special day together as we form yet another tradition in our little families. You blessed many with this project. I hope many read it and see that we all possess the hope and possibility in each day to be aware of our surroundings and the goodies that fall into our paths that might one day culminate to a vision far beyond what we might initially imagine. This was such a fun day with our children's program and our Santa and all of our guys! Love you! oxoxo

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words!!! :D...and I thought I might be a little cray cray, too, for taking it on, but it turned out!!! LOL!

  2. i love all the love your and your family share. the color too. so happy i get to watch it all unfold.