Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year!!!  I'm usually not big on New Years Resolutions, mostly because my track record for following through with them is, well, not so great :)

I do, however, have a few projects that I'm pretty excited about!!!  The first one is this:
That's right, a planner!!! ...and appropriately labeled if you've been to our house :)  I decided that between doing school with T-Man, my Colors n Cups parties, murals, and just daily family life (not to mention the fact that my brain is completely not able to hold a thought longer than 3 seconds after having kids), I really needed to be organized!

And, of course, I had to make it fun!...and cute...and totally creative...with washi tape :)
I LOVE looking at my calendar, granted we're only 5 days into the year, but whatev!!!!  I've had a great time marking things off my lists, and being able to plan everything out!!!
I'll be posting my planner on Instagram under #diyplanner if you want to keep up!

My other little project, is to try to paint a little more.  I recently found the Daily Paintworks site, which gives you a weekly prompt.  I decided that I would really like to get back into just painting...not so much my mixed media stuff, but more just regular painting.  I haven't done a lot of strictly painting since college, so I thought this would be a fun challenge for me!

I started today with the Summer challenge.  Instead of painting the suggested picture, I decided on using my own photo instead- one of Tucker on the beach at Destin this summer.
It's not my absolute favorite by any means, but it was a good start to the project.  And, you'll see a theme with me that I most likely will not be painting faces :)

What are some of your goals?!

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