Monday, January 13, 2014

DIY Memory Game

My nephew just turned 3, and I really wanted to make him something fun, entertaining, and personal. 

Although my own childhood was slightly tainted by The Memory Game, because my older sister, who must have learned how to quickly figure out all of the cards...I'm still not exactly sure how she did it...beat me Every. Single. Time. I thought I might as well give the next generation a shot :)  So, here's what you'll need:

1. Instagram photos, or wallet size photos-2 of each picture. Click HERE to learn how to print your Instagrams!
2. Scrapbook paper
3. Matte board (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
4. Ruler
5. Exacto Knife
6. Glue stick
7. Double sided adhesive tape- Big A suggested carpet tape for me!

*Just a little tip: Choose a simple, but fun pattern for your paper that won't make their eyes all crazy when the pieces are laying face down.  I was going to do a cute white paper with little black mustaches on it for Pax's game, until I realized I was getting a headache from looking at it! lol

Now, let's get started!
Cut out your photos, and then your Scrapbook paper to fit the size of the photos.  My Instagram prints ended up being 2.5 in.x 2.5 in. 

Next, cut your matte board.  On a cutting surface, like my cutting matte that I use for sewing, I measured and marked the matte board, and then whipped out my Exacto knife that hasn't seen much use since my college days.  Keep your ruler on your pencil line as a guide for your knife, otherwise your knife WILL run off the line! Those things have a mind of their own, and let's face it, you don't need to add blood to this project :)
Once all of your pieces are cut out, use your glue stick to glue your scrapbooking paper to one side of your matte board.
Next is where the heavy duty part comes in. I considered many ways to adhere the photos to the board so they wouldn't come off.  I was dealing with a "Board Book Destroyer," So I knew these bad boys had to be stuck on here for good!!!  Big A suggested Carpet tape.  (I really think he just wanted to go to Lowes and save himself from a trip to Hobby Lobby... :)  I will say, he made a good choice!  That stuff is sticky!!!
It took 2 strips to fill the area of the card, and a lot of cleaning goup off of my scissors :)
And, wha-la!  The pictures are holding on nicely to the matte board, and the game looks awesome!!!
So, while getting ready for his party, I realized that I didn't have a box for his game, so I improvised, and whipped up a little bag for him from some extra fabric and yarn, and made a little instruction sheet!!!
This is a fun game to make for your toddler, especially to include photos of family members who live far away, or just fun, silly ones of your own family!!!  Enjoy!

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