Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And, we're off!!!

 It was just one short year ago that Mom and I received our sketchbooks for the Sketchbook Project 2011.  I was just a few weeks away from delivering T, who was nestled not-so-subtly in my ginormous belly, and I was so pumped to get my hands on this journal!!!
 Miraculously, we were both able to finish our sketchbooks by the January deadline, and have been anxiously awaiting our time to visit them on tour ever since!!!
Well, our time has come!!!  Mom and I are heading out tomorrow morning for Chi-Town!  I can't wait to see the 10,000 other sketchbooks involved in the project!!!

So, you probably won't be hearing from me until  next week.  BUT, if you also participated in the 2011 Sketchbook project, please let me know because I would LOVE to check out your sketchbook!!!!


  1. This sounds so cool ... I hope lots of photos are coming soon?

    {love your look of absolute excitement ... it is priceless :)}

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  2. What a cool trip to take with your Mom--have fun!

  3. HA! I have just been up gathering my outfits for the trip...I pondered wearing the EXACT blouse I have on in this picture! Well...NOW it will just have to be a must have! Thank you for involving me in this dream of yours and I would encourage ANYONE and EVERYONE to do the same! Even if you think yourself not so talented...link arms with a loved one and enjoy the ride! It has been a fabulous year and that which we have looked forward to for so long...an entire year....well it is here at last! So excited to head out and up in the early a.m. Kel...dad has the GPS set! AAAAHHHHHAAAAHHHH! I hope I can sleep tonight! Love you! See you soon! mom oxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!!!

  4. p.s. Re looking at our photo...I recall...your face is pure excitement...mine...pure terror!!! But your encouragement has made me an excited mama ... for sure, speck so! Love, mom

  5. Have fun! Can't wait to see pictures.