Thursday, July 28, 2011


I have enjoyed my week of reminiscing with you on my love for the handwritten letter.  It comes easily to me and I have discovered over time that those who are passionate at heart and free themselves to share with others…have thus found their “gift”.  I have friends who sew like the wind and create beautiful wears and accessories.  Kelly can paint and create and I am still trying to figure out what size canvas to buy!  But I also believe that we all possess a bit of a gift in all areas and we soar when we allow ourselves to do so…without parameters restricted by what others will think or say, but with the joy of the gift that God has given us in His many promises to us.  So, I hope that someone might have read this rambling this week and become inspired or encouraged to share a handwritten note with someone who is dear to them, or a friend that needs kindness inside a .44 cent envelope, or just a note of love.
 I encourage the handwritten letter writer to include the most important information on the exterior of the envelope (yes, the recipient’s address is necessary, and the postal employees will appreciate a return as well), a flashy new sticker or cute stamp are always entertaining… but I suggest… write a verse from God’s Word or a favorite verse; something as simple as; “The Lord is my Shepherd.”  You never know whose eyes will fall upon those trustworthy and faithful words.  The Word of the Lord will stand forever and in letter writing there is nothing more essential and powerful than the Word of God.  I try to always include His Word inside and out of my letters, for truly, THAT is what will enrich the recipient the most and ultimately even the writer.  Refreshment comes from seeking and sharing…speck so!
Lastly, I encourage you to find a location for your writing.  That cozy comfy spot, where all of your “tools”, stationery, pens, addresses, stamps are together, but most certainly, a quite spot where you can nestle in and write without interruption.  Sometimes, I leave my desk and head for the great outdoors (presently, be cautioned to the extreme heat…for you do not want to melt!).  Just hearing the song birds sing as you script your handwritten letter, will bring solace to your own soul.  Wherever you settle, make it your spot.
The weekend is upon us.  There is free time in everyone’s busy schedule.  Take a few moments, think of someone….find some special paper….reach for a pen that brings you joy… chose your words thoughtfully and lovingly…search for a nugget of manna in God’s Word and wrap it around your handwritten note…and let someone stumble on a treasure when they head to the street corner with hopes of seeing that “You’ve Got Mail!”

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  1. Always love receiving (and sending!) handwritten notes. There's just something special about them. :)