Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wedding signs and journal pages

One of the ladies I work with asked me to make some adorable sign's for her daughter's upcoming outdoor wedding.  They will be attached to pieces that are stuck in the ground and will point people towards the wedding and reception.  What a cute idea!!!

 I told her to send me some pictures after the wedding so we can see the finished product!!! They will be adorable!
 In other news, my on going journal obsession continues.  I don't know what it is about cute journals, but I want them.  I have such high hopes of filling them, but so far, my Sketchbook Project book is the only one that has ever been successfully finished!

...Despite that fact, I bought this little gem in Chicago!
 The graphics are so neat and have a vintage feel, and I've already completed some pages!!!
 ...notice how I'm talking about ANOTHER journal in my new journal!!! ...are there groups for this type of thing? ;)
 I've even used some of my new little stamps!!!

I hope y'all enjoyed Ann's post last week about the Handwritten Letter!  It was such a blessing to have her post, as I was kept very busy with some little preschoolers at Vacation Bible School. We did crafts all week and had a blast!!!  I just love those little guys, they're such a hoot!

I'm glad to be back, and I hope y'all had a great week!


  1. i love the signs :) and the journal is great! you got a great one

  2. Great Job on the signs! Can't wait to see pics of the a good "wedding story"! :D Yes, I think between you and me we could begin our "journal support group!" It sort of spills over to the 52 barbies in the basement incident! Just off the top of my head...I too have only completed ONE! I have my fiction project 1/2 way done, at least 8 "just in case" beautiful unfilled journals on the shelf in my diary like one I guess that counts as a completed one (wow, I'm up to 2!) and my two most fav big leather journal with special paper and finally, the leather journal that K gave me this spring.. oh, ho hum...what are we do to..."keep on swimming" is the tune that comes to mind! Look forward to seeing you shortly! Love, mom