Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Craft!

Hanging Ornaments:
The last couple of years we've gone the "simplistic" route of trimming the tree.  I've only put the brightly colored balls on the tree, and kept the other fancier ones in the box.  ...I had a kid, don't judge! ;)

Anyways, I wanted to do a little extra this year to make it feel more like the North Pole :)  After hanging the ornaments on the tree, I still had a good bit left over, so I came up with this little decoration!
*Ornaments-colorful, different sizes, your favorites!
*Ribbon-different colors, sizes, textures (use your scraps, or buy some on sale!)
*pretty easy, huh?!
 Cut your ribbon to different lengths, and tie them to your ornaments.  Next, either tie them to your curtain rod, or use an ornament hook and attach it to your blinds. 
It brings a color and cheer to your windows, especially on those gloomier days, and it's a great way to display some of your favorite ornaments!  Enjoy!


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