Sunday, December 4, 2011


 This weekend our church celebrated Belle's Brunch, all the tables get decorated by different women, brunch is served to us by the men, and music and a speaker is enjoyed by all.  I LOVE doing this!  This year my mom and I created the theme "Kid's Christmas," using many of the traditions my sisters and I had growing up!  It was SO much fun!
 Afterward, mom and I got to wander through the mall, stroller free (thanks, A!)) and browse through shops we usually just rush through.  We were soaking up Anthropologie when I spotted these:
 YES! New blue glasses!!! Unfortunately they are reading glasses and not fit to my specific prescription... so mom got them :/
 I'm a little jealous, to say the least, but it seems only fitting that my crafty partner in crime would dawn a similiarly-hued pair of specks!!!  Aren't they just gorgeous?! Speck so ;)
 Let's just say we weren't feeling the Sally-Jessie/Harry Potter look, so I think she made the best choice :)
It was a great weekend!  Did anyone try the hanging ornament craft this weekend?!  If so, send me pictures! :)

Ooooh, also, does anyone know of a cheap website where I could possibly find an adorable pair of turquoise frames?!


  1. Crafty mom/partner in crimeMonday, December 05, 2011 11:02:00 AM

    Kel! You look awesome in these glasses! They should be yours! Come can sacrifice a bit of blurriness for fashion! Didn't mean to steal away from your "girl in the blue glasses"...look at it as if I'm the "twilight gal in turquoise!" Must go...Pax is flying down the hall...must go catch...

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