Friday, January 13, 2012

Future Artist!

For Christmas, my parents got Tucker these wonderful paint brush pens!!! I've been working with him a little on holding crayons and coloring, but he is only very slowly warming up to the idea.  Since it's snowing today, I thought coloring would be a fun activity, and I was right!!!

 Tucker liked picking the colors, and playing with the pens.  He's still learning to put it on the paper, but like the crayons, he likes to "hit" the paper in a pointillism style :)  He also introduced a new technique by picking up the paper and laying it over the pen while he moved it.  Brilliant, kid! :D 
He was very excited with his finished product, as was Mommy :D  I'm really looking forward to introducing more art into our daily lives!!!
And, here's a little video to see him at work!!! 

Happy Friday!


  1. Well done tucker! You are such a sweet mommy.

  2. That is fabulous! My son started painting when he had just turned 2 and now he'd rather do that than color. He's made some real masterpieces; in fact, we framed two and hung them in our bathroom as wall art. Keep it up, Tucker! Doing art together is such fun!!

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