Monday, January 9, 2012

painting ideas

Now that you've seen a few Color n Cups painting parties in action, I'd really like your help.  I want to add more painting options to the repertoire.  I'd like some fun, fresh paintings to get people's attention.  I've been dying to do a peacock one, very similar to this one, but with slightly different colors.
I also really like the abstractness of this next one, but with the brightness in the middle.  What do you think?!
I think it'd be fun to do a fully abstracted one as well, and add a cross or two into the mix!

So, what do you think?!  I could really use your help on this.  You could even link to a picture that you think would be cool to paint in a painting class!  I hope to work on some of these here pretty soon!

What are you being inspired by on this Monday morning?!


  1. I love the peacock! Several of my friends work at Painting with a Twist (which is huge in Louisiana). Some of their stuff was themed around holidays and even cool initials!

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