Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ruston Colors n Cups

 My sister-in-laws requested a Colors n Cup party while we were visiting for Christmas, and it was SO much fun!!!  Naturally, they chose the Fleur dis Lis. 
 For the background, they learned how to create texture and value changes using multiple colors. 
 Next, they created gorgeous shading using at least 4 different browns!!!  Once they learned where the light source was coming from, the shading came easier.  Both girls picked up the techniques so well, and created beautiful paintings!
I love how unique the they turned out!!!  Great job, girls! I had so much fun with you! :D
*If you are interested in hosting a Colors n Cups party, and live in the Indianapolis area, please email me to set up your party!  You can also read more details HERE!


  1. Awesome handcrafts! do you have more tutorials like this one!

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