Friday, February 17, 2012

Digital Art

Hi, friends!  Hope you've been well!  Things have been busy around here.  T Man is all over the place and so full of energy, that I've really only been working on custom orders lately!  I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as I'm done!

In other news, our music minister at church is having me help prepare for a sermon series that's beginning this Sunday.  We will be creating part of the set design during the service by having church members paint during Praise and Worship! I think it's going to be really neat!!!

The week after that, he has asked me to use the iPad to create a painting during Skip's sermon.  I'm super excited about this, but there are a few problems...

1. I don't have an iPad, therefore, I've never used one.
2. I've never worked with the Brushes program.
3. I only have a week to figure it out :)

Small hurdles, right?!  Sooooo, does anyone have any tips?  I've watched a few YouTube videos of paintings coming together in fast forward, however, I'm struggling to find a good video tutorial on how to actually use the program. 

If you know of a good tutorial, please leave a link! Thanks!  Have a great long weekend!

1 comment:

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