Thursday, February 2, 2012

You've Got Mail

I'm talking to you, Brooklyn Art Library!

Mom and I really pushed it to the last minute this year with our sketchbooks for The Sketchbook Project 2012!  We mailed them on the deadline day!!!! :/  And, in perfect "us" style, we documented the whole thing :)
Don't our covers look great?!  Here's a closer look at our books.

Let's start with Mom!  I'm SOOOOOOO proud of her book!!!  Since I was little, I remember her talking on the phone and doodling these beautiful little women all over her notes page. She recently began creating more expansive drawings of these woman, and I think she has really found her style!  Each page of her book screams her spirit, love of art, and attention to detail!  Here's her front cover:
 Mom chose the theme "Encyclopedia of..."  And her's is "Encyclopedia of Filet."  You'll have to read her sketchbook, but basically, "filet" is what our family calls the best of the best.  I believe a more common example would be "Cadilac."  Can you find her title in the books?! :)
 Wait, who's this fancy girl?! She seems so artsy, so cool, so...everything!  Oh, wait, that's me! ;)
 This is one of my favorite pages.  I can't believe she did all of that pen detail by hand on the left!
 This next picture is mom's fav.  This lady is so super cool!!!
 And, this is the Resort! If you look closely, there are so many details specific to The Resort!
 And, this is the back cover. 
 Great job, Mom!

Here is the inside cover of my sketchbook.  You can see the sewn collage through the leaves when the book is closed!  I chose the theme, "Folds and Stitches," but the full title of my book is "Holes and Folds and Stitches and Stuff." :)
 I feel like there's not a whole to explain about my pages.  There is just a wide variety of my mixed media and collaging. 

There are cut out leaves in the middle of these spreads with an orange netting in between them :)
 Ta-Da!  My book!

So, Tuesday morning, I met up with Mom to mail our packages.  She was super cute and did adorable drawings on her envelope!

 Mine was lame and super boring :/ :)
Anyways, we packaged them up,
 And headed to the post office!
 The guy ringing us up was extremely patient...especially when we struck up an extensive conversation with the sweet lady behind us, who was actually taking this picture!  She has 5 kids- 3 of which are triplets!  Anyways, back to the story :)
 We were SO excited to have sent our books in on time!  Truthfully, I was just thankful that I completed it in time!!!  (p.s. Zoom in on this picture.  My face is pretty hilarious!)
Thanks, Mom, for doing this project with me!  I love that we do this together, and I can't wait to go visit all of our books in years to come at the Brooklyn Art Library!!! :)


  1. I love it!! My favorite is the last picture!! You both are so creative and I'm thrilled that you successfully finished these together again!! Way to go!

  2. I didn't realize how talented your mom is, Kelly. You obviously got it from her, huh? LOVE your sketchbooks, ladies!! :-) I hope to craft together someday! ~Catherine

  3. Oh wow, I LOVE YOURS AND YOUR MOM'S!!!! My mom is going to do next year's with me, too! :-)
    the jumping pic is awesome !

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