Thursday, April 21, 2011

Almost Done!

Remember that little craft I showed you?! It's almost done!!!!
That's right, this little beauty is still not completely finished!!! I love it "as is," but you're going to love where it's going!!! I'll show you on Monday with a tutorial for it as well!!!

The re-decorating is coming theory. My ideas are super fresh, but I'm moving slow because of our little Sickie :/ Poor little guy! In the mean time, though, I'm enjoying tons of cuddles!!!

Now, be sure to stop back by tomorrow for another great GIVEAWAY!!! Don't you just love to win cool stuff?!!! But to hold you over in the mean time, Alison is hosting ME over on her blog for a chance to win one of my aprons!!! PLEASE go enter to win!!! I would love to send one of my faithful readers a happy!!! :D

Well, have a great day!!! See you tomorrow!

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