Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We're Making It-Wednesday!

Hi again! Sorry I missed most of you yesterday. T-man has some kind of respiratory viral infection (maybe RSV, maybe just his ugly cousin :/), but either way, we were just taking it easy yesterday!!!

I thought I'd share a few pictures of some of my projects that I started over the weekend! I'm working on this gorgeous wreath, in teal of course :), that I saw on another blog! I'll reference and give instructions when I show you the finished project :D
Next, I was a spray painting maniac this weekend! Unfortunately, I can't find the pictures of the other stuff I did :/ Well, I used my new best friend, Blue Ocean Breeze to transform one of my gorgeous garage sale finds!!!
Aren't they fantastic?!!! I know!!! Trust me, they are just amazing now that they're blue!!! Did I tell you that I'm trying to vamp up our bedroom? Well, I am. It's pretty boring in there. But since we only sleep in there, I haven't really been motivated to improve it.
Also, check out my Colors n Cups tab up top!!!! Parties are now only $35/person!!! Email me to set your party today!!!


  1. How much fun!
    Love your garage sale finds!!

  2. Oh, I adore spray paint...I recently discovered the magic these little cans hold :)

    That blue is really pretty...I will bet your projects turned out lovely!!

    xx Cat brideblu

  3. Wow you have some fantastic projects going! I think I saw that wreath someplace and was thinking of trying it out as well. Is it wrapped in yarn? Can't wait to see how yours turns out...fab I am sure! Hope T-man is feeling better.