Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gel Markers!!!

Ever since I was little, I loved school supplies!!! I soooo enjoyed getting to put my art box together for the first day of school, and oh, the excitement when we got to use it in class!!!

Since then, I have always found a way to sneak into the school supply isle on any given shopping excursion just to see all of the colored pens available, new markers, and any other supply that might enhance my life :)

So, it's no surprise that I adored my job as a junior high art teacher!!! Despite the fact that I was often mistaken for one of the kids, I enjoyed the projects that they created, and finding the next "cool" thing in the giant supply order book!!!

Then, I stumbled onto these:

If you have any junior high aged kids, or know any, you know that any type of cool pen or maker is a must in their life. My kids went crazy over these things, and now I know why!!!

They work amazing on black paper, but just regular paper as well!!! The quality of the mark changes as it drys on the page, giving it that real gel look. I love the thicker line, and how it flows SO much better than a small gel pen!

You don't have to be an artsy, crafty person to enjoy these pens! They can jazz up any note to a friend, drawing for your children, or just a little doodle time on the phone!!!!

You must try these!!! (Wal*Mart for like 3 bucks!!!) Do you have a favorite school supply?


  1. Any school supply is my favorite!!
    I love them!
    I was like you when I was a child! And I still look for the coolest school supplies in any store or supermarket.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I have yet to meet a marker or pen I don't like! I am so that girl that will take out each color of pen in the art store and "try it" on the little pad of paper they have out for that very purpose :)

  3. I LOVE this product too! And I could walk endelssly arouond an office supply store. :)