Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sewing success!!!

 Like I mentioned yesterday, Courtney came over to learn how to sew!!! I am by no means a pro; just learned in high school, loved it, and just kept up with it!  But, since Courtney called me her "Sewing Master Jedi," I guess I'll add it to the resume ;)

So (Andy, that was for you ;), like any good sewing lesson, we started by taking apart the machine to see how it worked.
 ...JUST KIDDING!!!  There was a broken part on her machine that we had to replace before starting, so thankfully, I'm a wiz with a philips and a flat head.  I know, I know, Jane of All Trades (also on my CV).

Once we got everything put back together, Courtney was a super fast learner!!!  I showed her how to thread the machine and her bobbin and she was off!
 Of course, being the artsy girl she is, she started off with a zig zaggy type stitch!  We were very excited to see that her machine was really that cool :)
 I know it's hard to focus on what she's doing that that giant *bling* in the way, but notice her straight lines...A+ student!
 Check out her form!  Total professional!
 And, Ta-da!!!  The most adorable little bib!  (*this is NOT for her, but for her little girl, Scarlett!)
 She'll be adding a little rosette up at the top like this:
 And, there's that funky little stitch I was telling you about!!!  Isn't it awesome?! I always love a fun stitch, it just spices up the project :)
 It was such a wonderful time of sewing, talking, and being crafty girls!  LOVED it! :)  Thanks, Courtney, for letting me teach you!  Can't wait to see what else you'll make with that machine of yours!


  1. You are such a good teacher! Nice work.

  2. Too cute! I wish I liked to sew. I know how, but I kind of get super frustrated with each sewing project. Perhaps it is the sub-par machine that I have, but I just don't have the patience for it! I should just hire you to do all my sewing crafts...! ;)