Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I've definitely been into rosettes recently, but as you can see by previous posts (or lack there of :/), I've been a little less than motivated. In fact, I've been flat out tired. Despite the jokes of my family (no offense taken), I am not creating a child; merely keeping up with one!!!

Anyways, mom came by today and was actually able to kindle a bit of motivation in me!!! We worked together for 30 minutes, and that spurred on a few more hours of rosette making before bed!!!
Oh, mom! Does she remind you of anyone you know?! ;) Yes, yes, we look VERY much a like!!! Also, she will be guest posting on my blog in the near future, so be sure to head back to hear from this wonderful woman!!! :DOur fingers are covered with glue. The table is covered in fabric. And the rosettes are just too cute!!!
Here are a few of my favorites!!!
I added a clip to the back of these so they could be used for various purposes! I LOVE this next look! I took a necklace of mine, wrapped it around twice, and added 3 of the rosettes to it! Great way to snaz up your own jewelry, don't ya think?!
Then, of course, they look adorable in your hair!

Such fun!!!
We will be making various products out of them for the festival booth, so stay tuned!!! :D Happy Wednesday! :D


  1. LOVE these!!! They look so cute on that sweater, too!!