Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Storage Container Tutorial!

Well, as you know, my studio is also functioning as a sewing room, and a guest room, so the space is definitely tight!!! Big A built me a gorgeous storage unit/work table, which I absolutely LOVE, but in my design, I only designated one area for my paints (silly me!), and now, my paints overfloweth! :D

So, I had to come up with a different solution than the Wal*Mart bag that was holding all the extra paints! So, of course, I looked around to see what I already had to work with, and this is what I came up with:

*Shoe Box (an old diaper box will be PERFECT also, or any other box)
*Wrapping Paper (I prefer the look of FABRIC, but I didn't have any scraps big enough...well, at least not in a patter/color that I liked :))
*Tape (or glue if you're using fabric)

Easy, huh?! I thought so, too. Just a few materials, and wallah!
Super cute storage container! Mine is Super basic, and I plan to add a little ribbon around the middle and a tag that says "paint." That aught to spruce it up, right?!

Ok, so this is how it works. First, lay your box on your paper/fabric (I used my double sided Christmas wrapping paper because it has adorable white polka dots on one side). Make sure it's big enough to wrap up the side, and tuck over into the inside.
Next, extend the sides of the boxes onto the paper with a pen (you can barely see mine, but they're there). Once you've done this, measure an inch out from that, and cut that corner away (as shown below). Then, snip a little cut from the corner of your paper to the corner of your box. This will allow for an easy fold.
Now, get to wrapping!!! If you're using paper, just tape it up real good on the side, and use your finger or then end of the pen to go over it so it becomes transparent on the outside. If you are using fabric, glue it well, and make sure your cuts are straight :)
Lastly, choose your lining paper/fabric. I used teal, of course :). Trace the bottom of the box onto the paper, and crease it. Cut the exact same way as you did above, only, make sure the right side of your paper/fabric is showing.
Now, tape/glue into the inside of your box. Once this piece is in, you could add a piece of ribbon to cover where the two papers/fabrics attach. It will give it a much more finished look.
And, ta-da! super cute storage container!!! These are perfect for storage bins on the changing table, holding DVD's, storing toys...anything your little heart desires!!!

Also, if you are covering your box with fabric, check out this other tutorial for making a basket liner. I really like how it gives a nice finished look. Once you perfect this inexpensive and easy project, it will make for a great gift at your next baby or wedding shower!!!

Enjoy! Send me a picture if you end up creating a decorative storage container of your own! :D

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