Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Car First Aid Kit Tutorial

My sister, Allison, came down for the week, and we decided to do a little craft project!!! I am so excited about this because it was SO fun and easy!!!

We wanted to make a cute little first aid kit to keep in the car for, well, mishaps that kids can have. You know :)
Isn't it cute?! Here's all you need:*6 plastic baggies
*fabric- I used 2 coordinating patterns. You could probably use a few old cloth napkins if you wanted!
*sheet of padding-I used cardboard in this tutorial, but after it's all said and done, I will be using the sheets of stuffing in the future :)

First, cut your stuffing about a quarter of an inch larger than your baggies (laid out 2 in a row=front and back). Next, cut your fabric about a half an inch larger than your stuffing:
Iron your fabrics with about a quarter-half an inch seam allowance:
Sew your button to the front of one end of your rectangle. Sew it about an inch away from the fold.
Now, place both fabrics with the WRONG side facing each other, and lay your sheet of stuffing in between like an Oreo :). Pin around the edge to hold everything together.
Next, cut a 2-2 1/2 inch strip of your elastic:
Loop it, and pin in between the two fabrics on the opposite end of the button.
Now, sew all along the edge.
And, ta-da! Isn't it beautiful?! Pretty easy, huh?!
Now for the baggies. I layed 3 of the baggies going one way, and three going the other way, and sewed right down the middle to hold them in:
Once your kit is finished, it's time to fill it!!! We bought a pre-packaged first aid kit with everything in it, and then added a few items of our own!
Everything fits perfectly!!!


  1. How cool!
    this is a really good idea!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I love it!

  2. Hey Kelly! You won my giveaway from last week :)

  3. I have seen these done with a pot holder but I like your use of the cardboard and fabric. I think with boys we may need to make many of these ;D