Thursday, June 9, 2011


"Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming." :D I've actually gotten a TON done this week! Today, I'm focusing on leaving for the beach. This is my list as of this morning...more has been added to it, but also some stuff has been marked off!
Yesterday, I covered all 6 of the moleskin notebooks that I had bought. Now, onto painting them!!!
Last night was I was bound and determined to finish the Gnome-inhabited bookshelf, and whalla! :D I just love how it turned out!!!
I plan on displaying my note cards, prints, and moleskins on this shelf at the festival. And, one they've all sold out ;), it will still be pretty!
I also got a steal of a deal on all of these gorgeous fabrics!!!! I've got a bunch of aprons already finished, but I'm going to see if I can whip these out, too, when I get back!!!
And, of course, a little bit of spray paint :)
I actually really like using spray paint!!! You can transform an object right before you eyes, like that awesome retro phone that I got at a garage sale for a dollar!!!
I just wanted to prove that my lack of blogging was actually due to very intense work! :D I'm hopeful that I'll have everything done by the festival, so we'll see!!!

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  1. i love all the fabrics! one day i'm going to have to get one of your aprons ;)

  2. Love the bookshelf! I really like your style of art because I, too, love color! I hope the fair/festival goes well for you!

  3. A girl after my own heart ... quoting Finding Nemo :) Love your sweet newly covered journals!

    xx Cat brideblu