Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Puppy Love

There were so many dogs this weekend at the fair!  Big ones, small ones, black ones, white ones... :) Dr. Seuss would have had a hay day!  Many of them stayed friendly, but we did hear a few fights around the corner :/

As I was sitting there watching all of my canine friends, I realized that I didn't bring ANY of my dog portraits!!!  I am definately going to put some out there for my next fair in September.  Here's where I need your help!

I have done traditional portraits in the past, as seen here, but I'm really wanting to branch out and do a few funkier paintings that are more my style.  I will still be offering the traditional soft pastel portraits as well, though.

Ok.  I KNOW that you have a pet that you LOVE!!!  Please email me your favorite Doggie picture to me so I can make up some examples!!!  I would LOVE for you to send me your pup for me to practice on!!!  I'll post them as I get them done!  Thanks for sharing!!!

Email me at:!!!

Also leave me a comment letting me know that you sent me one, just in case it doesn't go to my inbox :/


  1. I'll totally send you one, but I have to take it first! Do you want it straight on, profile, angled?

  2. Does it have to be a dog?
    My pet is a ferret...